While there is nothing we can do to save ourselves, we do believe that we are called to live in ways that glorify our God.  We do this not to earn God’s grace, but because we are recipients of it.  We call living this responsive life discipleship.  It is a way of life characterized by two distinct traits: Learning and Following.

As a way of learning, we believe that God longs to form us.  This formation does not come naturally.  In fact, quite the opposite.  Left to our own devises we become formed in the sinfulness that clings so close.  God longs, on the other hand, to form us in faithfulness.  This learning is not simply limited to those youngest among us.  Instead we believe that God calls each of us to constantly be learning his ways, reading his word, and practicing our faith.

As a way of following, we believe that God has given us a pattern to follow in the life (and the death) of his son, Jesus.  After his baptism Jesus’ first official acts included calling disciples.  He met fishermen, tax collectors, and other ordinary men and called to them, “Follow me!.”  In the same way he continues to call to us.  His words are not for the spiritually perfect or super apostles (remember, we can’t be that even if we tried).  Instead his words continue to call to ordinary folks like us.  We follow Jesus’ way of healing, justice, peace, self-giving, and sacrifice.